Impact-Focused SEO Analysis With Executable Strategy

Understand what matters to your website’s organic performance and get actionable insights that help move the needle. Implement them with our streamlined guidance or, if you’re short on time and resources, let us do it for you. We aim to be your trusted source for driving impact through SEO!

I highly recommend this team to deliver cutting-edge, industry leading SEO, and marketing strategies and tactical programs. The team does an excellent job at understanding how to win in an industry and they quickly become subject matter experts on your industry to deliver quality content. We experienced some excellent growth results in a highly competitive industry.

Jon Tilley

CEO, ZonGuru

Mansoor, Hammad, and Waleed are just amazing at what they do—truly top-notch SEO experts and content writers. They are proficient in writing super engaging content for any audience. What I really appreciate about them is how they’re always up for learning new things and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. Working with them is a breeze, and they’re the kind of teammates you truly feel lucky to have in your corner.



Worked with one of their core team members, Mansoor. Fantastic research, knowledge, and writing. Highly recommended!

Michael Gober

CEO, Shopkeeper

We Provide You With...

  • Complete SEO and content strategy to help you get started with your search journey
  • GSC and GA data-backed in-depth report of what’s missing from your current SEO campaign and fill you with recommendations on how to improve the underwhelming
  • The why(s) of any gradual or recent ranking and traffic dumps on your website
  • Detailed SEO briefs to supercharge your in-house content team’s writing efforts
  • Semantic SEO-powered topical maps to improve your topical authority

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No One SEO Approach Fits All. And Not All SEO Strategies Focus on What Matters to You.

ThePennyLabs Solves This!

ThePennyLabs was set up to deliver impact-focused SEO, identifying and prioritizing tasks that would move the needle for your website and help you achieve what you always wanted – tangible and meaningful results.

We don’t claim to be the best. Our methods are not the only methods that work in the industry. We just strive to cut through the BS (that you get pitched quite often) and double down on things that matter.

Data-Powered Execution

More Than Just Your Regular SEO

Effective SEO is all about identifying the right levers and pulling them the right way to drive results. This is difficult if you follow a fixed template. What you need is an initial comprehensive audit to understand your website and competing landscape and then design tailored recommendations that would move the gears. Audits are the first thing we do at ThePennyLabs, no matter how big or small a project is.

Striving for Real Results

Strategy That Benefits the Bottomline

SEO can be a powerful channel for creating brand awareness. But if it doesn’t help your bottomline, it’s just a glorified online presence boosting tool without meaningful impact. ThePennyLabs strives to deliver an executable strategy that influences the KPIs that matter for your business.

ThePennyLabs' SERPs Observation Corner

“The ranking factors change by SERP position. What you need to rank in top 8 might be quite different from what you need to rank in top 3. Stop generalizing”

“Not everything can be solved by churning out fifty pieces of blog every week”

“Google analyzing user behavior data on websites is real and you shouldn’t take it lightly”

“Branding on your website matters, even more so if you’re a small player in your industry. The latest surge of Google updates proved it!”

What Do You Need Help With?

What Do You Need Help With?

Common Questions We Get Asked

Do you only provide recommendations or also help with the implementation of those recommendations?

At its core, ThePennyLabs is a pure SEO analysis service. We focus on audits, strategy making, and providing recommendations to clients. Our deliverables are laid out in easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement formats. However, we also help clients with the implementations where needed. This is offered as an add-on service with each plan.

Do you work with small businesses that are just getting started with SEO?

We’ll be honest, good SEO is quite an expensive undertaking. Anyone who says otherwise is not being completely transparent. If you have the budget, we’ll be more than happy to work with you. However, if we are unable to accommodate you, please understand we don’t want to cut corners as that would only be a negative for your brand.

How soon can I expect the results?

Unfortunately, we can’t put a set timeline on when you can expect to see the results. It can take a month, quarter, year, or maybe even longer depending on your individual case. As a matter of fact, we can’t even guarantee the results. Sorry, but we are just being honest. However, what we can assure you is complete transparency, 100% efforts, a proven track record, regular updates, streamlined communication and reporting, and thorough accountability.

How can I trust you?

We’ve a proven clientele. Happy to pass on their contact details, and you can reach out to them and ask anything about us you want. FWIW, we are our biggest critics. If we get something wrong, we’ll be the first to admit it. If something is not working, we’ll let you know long before our contract comes to an end. Don’t know if that pitch is convincing enough but that’s all we’ve got for now.

How do you ensure effective communication and process transparency?

We’ve several instruments and systems in place to ensure everything is communicated to you in the most transparent manner. Multiple meetings are set up before we onboard you. A detailed proposal is provided with everything outlined, including the opportunities, goals, milestones, challenges, etc. prior to signing the final agreement. Dedicated Google Drive folders are maintained and shared to allow you to track project progress anytime, anywhere. Regular meetings are set up as per the pre-agreed schedule in the proposal to discuss the updates and any pending concerns. Rest assured, you won’t miss a thing when you’re working with us.

Do you do whitelabel projects for other SEO agencies or individual consultants?

We are a client-facing boutique SEO agency, so that may not be possible. We’ve our in-house systems and reports that we don’t think we can share with others, except with clients. Also, there is always a possibility that something gets miscommunicated in this model, and we don’t want you or the client to get rekt because of it. That said, if we can work something out on the communications front, we are open to discussing the opportunity.

What's the difference between a regular and a boutique SEO agency like you?

As a boutique SEO agency, we like to work with a handful of clients only, providing focused and customized services. You’d find us engaged in max 5 projects at one time. A regular SEO agency might have a different approach, onboarding several clients at once – which is also fine, btw. We just know our bandwidth and prefer to operate within it. Why not try to expand it? Not possible with how we like to work. It would break our in-house systems that are designed in a very specific way.

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Meet The Lab Coats

Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali

“I’m the semantic SEO guy at ThePennyLabs. Brainstorming and creating content networks one at a time”

Waleed Rathore
Waleed Rathore

“I’m the Swiss Army Knife of ThePennyLabs. Bringing my 7 years of experience, you’ll find me behind audits, blog strategies, and everything in between.”

Hammad Nafees
Hammad Nafees

“I’m the man behind the systems at ThePennyLabs. Been in the SEO trenches since 2016. Love number crunching, love audits!”

Evgeni Petrov
Evgeni Petrov

“I’m the technical SEO brain of ThePennyLabs, with experience so ancient (well, over 20 years old!) that I’ve seen and done it all”