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There are endless versions of SEO online, but the real one focuses on ONE thing and one thing only – driving impact for your bottomline. If an SEO execution fails to do that, provided you give it enough time and back it up with enough resources, it has failed at its job. Here, at ThePennyLabs, we strive to deliver effective and transparent SEO minus BS!

Every campaign is bespoke, data-powered in a true sense. We don’t do the regular copy pasta “churn out 50 blogs to make it” even when your website may not need content at all. And we definitely don’t shy away from taking the responsibility!

SEO for Declining Websites

Starting from $2600

Ideal for: Businesses experiencing a constant decline in traffic and rankings

Your once thriving website now appears to be performing badly. Everything has been in constant decline over the last few months. You are losing rankings, traffic, and conversions. You can’t figure out why Google doesn’t love your website anymore. Here, at ThePennyLabs, we promise to work non-stop until we get to the bottom of the problem and find the solution(s) to stop (and revert) the rot.


– Website status audit powered by GSC and GA data

– Technical SEO audit

– Content audit

– Click gap audit

– Industry search state audit

– Recommendations for improvements, including quick wins (if any)

– Content strategy

What Deliverables Will You Receive?

– Project master sheet in Google Sheets format

– Audit report with findings in Google Slides/PDF format

– Design, technical, branding, and other recommendations in Google Sheets format

– YoY/6-month Click gap audit report in Google Sheets format

– Content optimization recommendations

– Improved topical map in Google Sheets format

– Content publishing planner in Google Sheets format

– Weekly/biweekly/monthly progress reports in PDF format

What Add-Ons Can You Sign Up for?

– Implementation of the recommendations

– Content briefs

– Blog writing

How Long Will It Take to Get My Deliverables Under This Plan?

While we have a standard delivery time of 30 days, we also offer express delivery based on our available bandwidth. Don’t forget to discuss this during our initial setup call to get a better idea of the specifics for your individual case.

***Please note we accept payments via wire transfer or Payoneer only for now. Thank you for your understanding

What Will We Need from You?

You’ll need to send us a copy of the service agreement as per the terms agreed in the proposal. Additionally, we’ll need access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. Access to the website backend is optional depending on the scope of the project.

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SEO from Ground Zero

Ideal for businesses that want to get started with SEO. We’ll analyze your website and current industry landscape and come up with an executable strategy and detailed recommendations to help you get all the love from Google

SEO for Stuck Websites

Ideal for businesses not getting any results from their current SEO efforts. We’ll disassemble your website and examine each of its components individually and holistically to find the problem areas and propose solutions to get everything in order.

SEO for Obliterated Websites

Ideal for businesses that saw a sudden drop in traffic and rankings overnight. We’ll look at every single aspect of your website to find the cause of the sudden drop and come up with a plan to stop and undo the damage over time

Semantic SEO Blog Strategy

Ideal for businesses looking to set up (or revamp) their blog section using the principles of semantic SEO and topical authority. An exclusive plan, where we’ll create a comprehensive content strategy for your website

Technical SEO Audit

Ideal for businesses struggling with site backend issues like crawling, indexing, canonicalization, pagination, and more. An exclusive plan, where we’ll perform a technical SEO audit for your website, identifying any potential issues and providing recommendations to fix them